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Alex Collins

Hey, I'm Alex. I'm passionate about software engineering and mathematics.

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My first programming job was at the age of 13 and I've been coding all hours ever since. I am a Java programmer by day, Go, Python, Grails, Clojure or Android hacker by night. I currently work as a software developer for Specsavers in the UK. Previously I've worked at Virgin Media, The AA and smaller firms in the insurance and publishing sectors.


I compete in local/county powerlifting competitions for fun and to keep fit. Powerlifting is a sport that challenges physical and mental limits.


I also document lots of the things I do, from learning programming languages to Kettlebell workouts on my Wiki. Categories of interest: Linux, Programming, Personal.

Open Source

I'm a keen advocate -- as many are -- of open source and standards. You can find my code over at github, Google Code where projects such as Ant TODO, Pyela (a Python Eternal Lands networking framework), and a Google Wave API are hosted.


As if programming wasn't enough, I write about it too! Everything from software design, Java, enterprise software, Maven, Clojure and Linux - all available here.


I'm a Kettlebell enthusiast to assist with conditioning and stamina.