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LaTeX: coloured boxes with rounded edges

by atc on August 23, 2011, one comment

At the moment, I spend a fair amount of time documenting process, code, instructions, whatever; all in LaTeX. I love it. At some point vanity seeps in. I like to tweak the visual elements here-and-there in order to have a more professional and visually appealing document. In this particular instance I had exhausted my \subsubparagraphs […]

Ant TODO gets some love

by atc on August 20, 2011, no comments

Updated: I’ve added another item to the implemented features below… Yonks ago I spent an afternoon hacking together a TODO task for Apache Ant; the result of which was Ant TODO. Now, I hadn’t touched it in a while until a user emailed me asking for some help and some nifty new features. Having returned […]

Apache Ant & FTP timeout

by atc on August 16, 2011, no comments

Having spent a considerable amount of time hacking a new temporary build system together at my new workplace, we were nearing the end of our initial aim. One feature of the development processes they run here is the continuous deployment to the test servers, which is a very good place to be. Our overall goal […]

Basic LaTeX example

by atc on August 13, 2011, no comments

As part of my aspirations to become the best possible programmer I can be and as part of bringing new skills into my repertoire, I ventured into the land of LaTeX for documenting. Instead of writing in some made-up plain text format every time I write something down, I decided it would be sensible to […]

CyanogenMod & AndroidScreenCast

by atc on August 10, 2011, no comments

So having finally grown enough cojones, I decided to root my HTC Desire HD and install CyanogenMod. Why didn’t I do it sooner? I was scared of bricking it. The phone that is. Having done so, I am so pleased. It’s like I have a new device: it’s snappy, responsive, fresh-looking and exciting. I can […]

The blog starts anew

by atc on August 9, 2011, no comments

Every bloody blog in the universe has one of these posts. It’s unavoidable. The old domain’s been retired ( and I’m writing new stuff on Do read, it might be of some use to you!