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Leiningen and standalone clojure programs

by atc on January 27, 2012, no comments

Hacking away at various clojure-related stuff lead me to start using Leiningen. “Lein” is a build tool similar to Maven (and interoperates in fact…) to help you concentrate on coding. At some point in the day’s coding I wanted to run my code standalone instead of in a REPL. I needed a main entry point […]

Learning Programming Languages

by atc on January 26, 2012, no comments

I’m a hacker. Hackers like learning. Every year I try and learn a new programming language: it helps me to get better at thinking, I learn new ways of programming, it’s fun and I keep abreast with technology. In picking up a new language I run through certain easy problems that help me tackle the […]

Modern Service Oriented Architecture: the basics

by atc on January 3, 2012, no comments

Just some of my notes on looking over SOA related theory. What is “SOA”? Service Oriented Architecture is a means of exposing business services separately from their platform and codebase in order to provide local and/or remote invokation of said services through abstracted data types and signatures. Put simply: SOA allows you to talk to […]


by atc on January 2, 2012, no comments

Don’t sudo telinit 6 all willy-nilly in a terminal without thinking twice. I just restarted this server accidentally! Very ouch. I’ve decided to have this alias in my .bashrc: alias telinit=”echo Do you really want to telinit this server?!”