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Drive Encryption for the Layman

by atc on June 28, 2012, no comments

I had the need to consider encryption of a flash drive for various reasons. Hell, you could justify it under “don’t be stupid” if you’d like. Having not really ventured into this arena before, I thought I’d write down the step-by-step-guide for anyone who just wants security without thinking about it. The steps Optional step […]

Clojure LIX Parser

by atc on June 17, 2012, no comments

I’m loving the challenge that Clojure (or LISP in general) is giving me. I have to approach problems in an entirely new way. One of my go-to challenges when learning a new language is to write a LIX parser and I’ve just finished it in Clojure. Of course, it’s open source and available on Github.

Raspberry Pi and the Asus USB-N10 WiFi Dongle

by atc on June 8, 2012, 4 comments

If you have an RPi and fancy WiFi then an Asus USB N-10 will do. You’ll need to manually set it up. To save anyone else the pain, the steps to get the dongle up and running on Debian are: wget -O cp r8712u*.zip / && cd /&& unzip r8712u*.zip modprobe r8712u From […]