Monthly Archives: December 2012

Private Window in Firefox Nightly

One of things I disliked about using Firefox was the lack of “Private Window”. Whenever you wanted a private session it would reuse the current window. This is contrary to how Chrome has always done it.

Now, in Firefix Nightly (version 20 onwards), you get a private window instead of replacing the tabs. This is a neat little feature that lets you keep your current tabs open and browse privately in the new window. Anonymity online just got a little easier!

Back to IntelliJ IDEA

Like hundreds of others I bet, I purchased an upgrade personal license for Intellij IDEA 12 in their “end of world” sale. I’d heard good things about this latest version, most importantly significant improvements in the area of performance.

I used IntelliJ for about 2 years a while back and was really happy with it until I had to pay again for an upgrade. A somewhat offputting pricing model.

Now, having used NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ, I’d happily say that IntelliJ is now my favourite again. It’s really fast now. Joyfully so. I’ll have to revisit once the honeymoon period is out. It doesn’t play nice with Xmonad yet, but most Java apps don’t.