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Hackers sit down too much

by atc on August 21, 2012, 2 comments

Being a hacker means one tends to sit down too much. The hunch-backed hacker image complete with screen glow isn’t too far from the truth for some of us.

I hate this! We sit so much!

So I’ve devised a simple plan for reducing the amount I sit on a daily basis.

I picked one thing from my day that I do frequently enough and decided that when I do it I will do so standing. Namely emails.

It’s a simple change but somewhat effective.

My commitment from hereon is this: if I receive or write an email, organise my inbox or set up a meeting I will do so standing.

2 thoughts on “Hackers sit down too much

    • Yep! I’ve read similar stuff. It’s an interesting idea and it’s worked well for me when I’m hacking away at home: I often have my laptop on top of a cardboard box so I can program standing up. It’s helpful with the thinking too!

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