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Raspberry Pi and the Asus USB-N10 WiFi Dongle

by atc on June 8, 2012, 4 comments

If you have an RPi and fancy WiFi then an Asus USB N-10 will do. You’ll need to manually set it up. To save anyone else the pain, the steps to get the dongle up and running on Debian are:
wget -O
cp r8712u*.zip / && cd /&& unzip r8712u*.zip
modprobe r8712u

From here on you can configure it for your network as normal.

Happy RPi!

Update: thanks to Ben for emailing me and pointing out the lack of -O for the wget line which made the remaining commands fail due to the download being saved as 7ZYhZ! So much for ninja-edits to shorten the original URL!

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi and the Asus USB-N10 WiFi Dongle

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  2. Hi Alex,
    have you managed to get the Asus USB-N10 to work with Arch Linux?
    I’m having issues with it myself.

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