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Is findbugs-maven-plugin onlyAnalyze broken?

by atc on February 13, 2012, one comment

I cannot seem to get onlyAnalyze working for my multi-module project: regardless of what package (or pattern) I set, maven-findbugs-plugin either parses everything or nothing and it doesn’t evaluate sub-packages as I’d expect from passing it packagename.*. To prove either myself or the plugin at fault (though I always assume it’s the former!), I setup […]

Notes on Maven vs Ant

by atc on December 11, 2011, no comments

The Problem Do you have lack of consistency and understanding how your software is built? Does this equal varying degrees of success – both in each build and in changing or adding new features to it – and lack of confidence from your developers? Did you roll your own build process that’s "the best thing […]

Ant TODO gets some love

by atc on August 20, 2011, no comments

Updated: I’ve added another item to the implemented features below… Yonks ago I spent an afternoon hacking together a TODO task for Apache Ant; the result of which was Ant TODO. Now, I hadn’t touched it in a while until a user emailed me asking for some help and some nifty new features. Having returned […]

Apache Ant & FTP timeout

by atc on August 16, 2011, no comments

Having spent a considerable amount of time hacking a new temporary build system together at my new workplace, we were nearing the end of our initial aim. One feature of the development processes they run here is the continuous deployment to the test servers, which is a very good place to be. Our overall goal […]