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by atc on January 2, 2012, no comments

Don’t sudo telinit 6 all willy-nilly in a terminal without thinking twice. I just restarted this server accidentally! Very ouch. I’ve decided to have this alias in my .bashrc: alias telinit=”echo Do you really want to telinit this server?!”


by atc on November 12, 2011, no comments

Sorry for those who read the site (all 1 of you). Linode decided to suspend my account when payment failed. Perfectly within their rights, sure. The problem I have is that they neglected to contact me to explain A) that payment had failed and I risk suspension and B) that they had suspended my account. […]

The blog starts anew

by atc on August 9, 2011, no comments

Every bloody blog in the universe has one of these posts. It’s unavoidable. The old domain’s been retired ( and I’m writing new stuff on Do read, it might be of some use to you!