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  1. Hi Alex,

    Just to let you know i’ve added some updates to the EL Protocol Wiki. Nothing too radical, just some extra detail on command 51, plus an update and few additions to the links. Any feedback you can give (good or bad) would be most appreciated.

    Also spent an age reading your blog, which was very useful and interesting.


  2. Hello, I’m thinking about starting a service for bloggers and I was hoping to get your feedback. I would really appreciate it! In a nutshell, the service would help bloggers promote their important content. I haven’t completely finalized the strategies, but it will likely include a.) issuing a press release about your content, b.) spreading the content through social media, and c.) outreach to relevant blogs so they know about your content and hopefully share it or link to it. Is this something you think would be a valuable service? I feel like there are so many blogs out there, but the hard part is marketing your content and getting people to actually read it. If you like my idea, what would you be willing to pay per piece of content promoted? And do you have any other feedback for me? Again, thank you for your time, I really appreciate it!

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