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Holiday Hack: reading Java class files

by atc on March 24, 2013, 2 comments

I spent a week by the pool in Egypt with my girlfriend, relaxing and…hacking. The lack of WiFi meant I had to rely on instinct and intellect to get me through my pet project and it proved a worthy exercise in problem solving and perseverance… I had the crazy idea of practicing my C programing […]

Hacking with JDK8 Lambda

by atc on March 15, 2013, no comments

So being a functional programming fan I ventured into the JDK 8 binaries and started playing with the myriad of changes relating to the introduction of Lambdas in JDK 8. All my code’s now on github and it’s work in progress, but take a look and contribute/comment if you care to.

The final keyword in Java

by atc on January 16, 2013, 3 comments

Whilst many will frown at the use of the final keyword in Java code, I find it a breath of fresh air. Perhaps it’s that I tend to lean on the side of caution, conservatism and safety when it comes to code: immutability being one of many examples of such. In this post I argue […]

Is findbugs-maven-plugin onlyAnalyze broken?

by atc on February 13, 2012, one comment

I cannot seem to get onlyAnalyze working for my multi-module project: regardless of what package (or pattern) I set, maven-findbugs-plugin either parses everything or nothing and it doesn’t evaluate sub-packages as I’d expect from passing it packagename.*. To prove either myself or the plugin at fault (though I always assume it’s the former!), I setup […]

Modern Service Oriented Architecture: the basics

by atc on January 3, 2012, no comments

Just some of my notes on looking over SOA related theory. What is “SOA”? Service Oriented Architecture is a means of exposing business services separately from their platform and codebase in order to provide local and/or remote invokation of said services through abstracted data types and signatures. Put simply: SOA allows you to talk to […]

What’s an “Interface” in Java?

by atc on October 29, 2011, 4 comments

I was browsing reddit this afternoon and came across this post. It’s an interesting concept to explain. I mean, what is an interface in Java? I thought through the best way to explain this to someone who doesn’t understand OO or Java in general, and I came up with the following. The Letterbox Analogy Think […]

Android Preferences and Custom Buttons

by atc on September 3, 2011, no comments

I delved into the Preference API for Android this weekend. It turns out that I needed a couple of “buttons” to allow the user to go to the main screen (for various genuine reasons!). The Android API doesn’t let you do it with buttons, but there’s an equally easy way. I have found that using […]