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Convert LaTeX to any output format easily

by atc on December 4, 2011, no comments

I use LaTeX to take notes, record TODO lists, the shopping and everything in between. Oftentimes, I’ll need to copy my notes to somewhere: a wiki, this blog, or to put in an email. It’s at this point I need to quickly convert to my target format. So, to satisfy the above, I wrote a […]

LaTeX: coloured boxes with rounded edges

by atc on August 23, 2011, one comment

At the moment, I spend a fair amount of time documenting process, code, instructions, whatever; all in LaTeX. I love it. At some point vanity seeps in. I like to tweak the visual elements here-and-there in order to have a more professional and visually appealing document. In this particular instance I had exhausted my \subsubparagraphs […]

Basic LaTeX example

by atc on August 13, 2011, no comments

As part of my aspirations to become the best possible programmer I can be and as part of bringing new skills into my repertoire, I ventured into the land of LaTeX for documenting. Instead of writing in some made-up plain text format every time I write something down, I decided it would be sensible to […]