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There’s nothin’ wrong with the Findbugs Maven Plugin

by atc on February 15, 2012, no comments

I made a schoolboy error. I ventured down the road named “Thinking your tools are broken instead of your code”. I haven’t done that in years. There’s nothing wrong with the Findbugs plugin for Maven. If you want to scan sub-packages by using the onlyAnalyze option, simply end your package declaration with .-. The manual […]

Is findbugs-maven-plugin onlyAnalyze broken?

by atc on February 13, 2012, one comment

I cannot seem to get onlyAnalyze working for my multi-module project: regardless of what package (or pattern) I set, maven-findbugs-plugin either parses everything or nothing and it doesn’t evaluate sub-packages as I’d expect from passing it packagename.*. To prove either myself or the plugin at fault (though I always assume it’s the former!), I setup […]