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Server Backup with Spider Oak

by atc on August 12, 2012, one comment

I’m a SpiderOak fan. It’s secure, easy and well documented. Some really good traits. Their support is fantastic too. After using it on my Laptop, I thought I’d start using it for my Debian server’s backup. It makes sense to use something that bundles encryption and zero-knowledge to satisfy offsite backup. The same client you […]

Modern Service Oriented Architecture: the basics

by atc on January 3, 2012, no comments

Just some of my notes on looking over SOA related theory. What is “SOA”? Service Oriented Architecture is a means of exposing business services separately from their platform and codebase in order to provide local and/or remote invokation of said services through abstracted data types and signatures. Put simply: SOA allows you to talk to […]